3 Ways to Get App Installs in High Volumes

You have developed a great app. You believe that it is designed to succeed and will deliver great user experience and address your target audience’s needs. However, creating a high-quality app is not enough to get app installs in large volumes. You will have to promote your app to reach your potential users. App store optimization (ASO) is the most basic and most important strategy to start with, but you should use additional methods that further boost the app store ranking factors.

Here are 3 ways to get app installs in the desired volumes.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven promotional strategy and can also be used to promote your app. The first step to it is to define who your target audience is. When you understand what they are looking in your app, you will be able to develop highly targeted content. This strategy has the power to get app installs in very high numbers when done the right way. Follow these tips when developing your content strategy:


  • If you are just starting with content marketing for your app, you should start with understanding your targeted audience and developing a content strategy around it.
  • If you already have content in place, it is recommended to determine what content worked well and why. Also look for areas where you can improve.
  • Get your team involved to come up with content ideas
  • Create an editorial calendar that works with your marketing goals and plan

2. Buy App Reviews

When you buy ios reviews you are not only able to increase the number and quality of reviews, it will also help in boosting the number of app installs. Thus, two key factors in ASO get addressed at the same time, giving a big boost to your app store ranking.

Buying app store reviews is an effective strategy to boost your app’s rankings in a short time. There is no other way, except that your app goes viral, that can help achieve similar results. When the number of app installs increase significantly in a short time, it helps increase the download rate and boosts your iOS app’s ranking. It can take time to get app reviews in large numbers, so choosing a paid strategy is a good way to address this key factor in ASO.

3. Add Quality Screenshots

Screenshots play an important role in drawing the attention of your potential users. In fact, screenshots draw the most attention when someone visits your app’s page. Make sure the screenshots are in high resolution, clear and professional. They should also be relevant to the audience the app is focused on. Screenshots give potential users the opportunity to get a look into what your app can do. They should represent the most useful and attractive features or functions.

ASO is without doubt the first step to getting your app ranked and get app installs. Conducting A/B testing on the different elements of ASO can help in making the right choice of icon, title, screenshots, description and demo video. Promoting your app requires continuous effort, and it is recommended to choose paid strategies from time to time.


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