How to Guide Users to Leave Their Positive App Reviews and High Ratings

Apps are at the center of smart mobile devices, and the opinion of others influence downloads and use of apps. As an iOS developer, it is important that you get as many users as possible to leave reviews, rate apps to increase iOS app downloads in the future. Reviews and ratings affect the visibility of the app in the app store. Rarely will you find people going back to the app store to write a good review, except those trooping back to write negative reviews?

In this guide, we look at ways you can encourage users to leave their positive app reviews in a bid to get iOS app ratings.


Make Use of Your Interpersonal Relationships

When you launch the app on the iOS app store, your friends, family, and colleagues can help in getting you positive reviews and high ratings. They will not only leave positive reviews, but they will also promote the app to their social circles, and it will fast-track it to get iOS app ratings.

Include a Review Plugin in your App

The quickest and easiest way to get reviews is asking the users to leave the reviews within the app. You will find many turnkey plugins available for iOS that make simple work of reviewing and rating your iOS app. Timing is of high importance, and you do not want the review pop up appearing as soon as a user launches the app.

Place Your App in Review Sites

Some of the apps with the greatest reviews and ratings are because the developers chose to put their apps on review sites. These sites have a heavy influence in the app circles. Having a good app will not guarantee success for your app. Review sites can increase iOS app downloads, get positive app reviews and get iOS app ratings.

Provide a Choice

Giving users of your app a choice will increase their chances of using the app repeatedly and most likely leave a review or a rating. Provide simple questions such as “Are you happy with the app?” and it prompts users to review and rate the app. If the user was to choose “Yes,” he or she is redirected to a review page on the iOS app store. Choosing “No,” the user still is redirected to the in-app feedback form, and they can rate how satisfied they are with the app.

In conclusion, you have to work hard in advertising your app, to get positive reviews. The tips above are approved ways you can use to increase iOS app downloads and get iOS app ratings.


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