How to Guide Users to Leave Their Positive App Reviews and High Ratings

Apps are at the center of smart mobile devices, and the opinion of others influence downloads and use of apps. As an iOS developer, it is important that you get as many users as possible to leave reviews, rate apps to increase iOS app downloads in the future. Reviews and ratings affect the visibility of the app in the app store. Rarely will you find people going back to the app store to write a good review, except those trooping back to write negative reviews?

In this guide, we look at ways you can encourage users to leave their positive app reviews in a bid to get iOS app ratings.


Make Use of Your Interpersonal Relationships

When you launch the app on the iOS app store, your friends, family, and colleagues can help in getting you positive reviews and high ratings. They will not only leave positive reviews, but they will also promote the app to their social circles, and it will fast-track it to get iOS app ratings.

Include a Review Plugin in your App

The quickest and easiest way to get reviews is asking the users to leave the reviews within the app. You will find many turnkey plugins available for iOS that make simple work of reviewing and rating your iOS app. Timing is of high importance, and you do not want the review pop up appearing as soon as a user launches the app.

Place Your App in Review Sites

Some of the apps with the greatest reviews and ratings are because the developers chose to put their apps on review sites. These sites have a heavy influence in the app circles. Having a good app will not guarantee success for your app. Review sites can increase iOS app downloads, get positive app reviews and get iOS app ratings.

Provide a Choice

Giving users of your app a choice will increase their chances of using the app repeatedly and most likely leave a review or a rating. Provide simple questions such as “Are you happy with the app?” and it prompts users to review and rate the app. If the user was to choose “Yes,” he or she is redirected to a review page on the iOS app store. Choosing “No,” the user still is redirected to the in-app feedback form, and they can rate how satisfied they are with the app.

In conclusion, you have to work hard in advertising your app, to get positive reviews. The tips above are approved ways you can use to increase iOS app downloads and get iOS app ratings.

What are the main factors affecting you attract new app users

Whether you have an app already made or you’re looking to make one, the simple question that most app makers ask is an obvious one: how can I get the most downloads for my app? Well, the answer is actually a bit more complicated than, “Make a good app.” The fact is, it’s not a perfect science, and because of that, it will take a much more nuanced approach to determine the best solution to getting app downloads. If this is an issue that you’re finding, here are just a few ways you can possibly alleviate the problem of lacking downloads.

mobile app marketing
mobile app marketing

The App is Too Similar To A More Popular App

One of the most obvious issues that most app makers face is being incapable of developing a truly unique app. For example, if you’re making app that tracks how far a fitness enthusiast runs, that is an example of a non-proprietary app. In other words, it’s not something unique enough to not have been already made, or it’s something that someone else can easily copy or duplicate. because of that, you need to go back to the drawing board and make something that differentiates your app from the others. This will work wonders to attract users, and it will break up the monotony of the marketplace.

Invest in Marketing the App

Sometimes, app makers are phenomenal at building code or constructing apps, but other times, they are not very good at business. Because of that, it’s important to understand that making an app that works is about more than just making a good app. In order to actually make sales, you have to be able to reach app users by making a product that is “pushable.” By “pushable” this means it has to be something that you can advertise on social media or other digital realms. Most app users are going to make app installs because they heard of it from somewhere. Very few people just randomly download and try apps. Because of that, be sure that if you do make your app, you need to make sure you’re pushing it on all of the relevant social outlets; this will ensure that people can actually see and use the app.

While these are only two simple solutions, they will make a tremendously huge difference in just how many people you can reach with your product, and after all, that’s what making a great app is all about.

3 Ways to Get App Installs in High Volumes

You have developed a great app. You believe that it is designed to succeed and will deliver great user experience and address your target audience’s needs. However, creating a high-quality app is not enough to get app installs in large volumes. You will have to promote your app to reach your potential users. App store optimization (ASO) is the most basic and most important strategy to start with, but you should use additional methods that further boost the app store ranking factors.

Here are 3 ways to get app installs in the desired volumes.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven promotional strategy and can also be used to promote your app. The first step to it is to define who your target audience is. When you understand what they are looking in your app, you will be able to develop highly targeted content. This strategy has the power to get app installs in very high numbers when done the right way. Follow these tips when developing your content strategy:


  • If you are just starting with content marketing for your app, you should start with understanding your targeted audience and developing a content strategy around it.
  • If you already have content in place, it is recommended to determine what content worked well and why. Also look for areas where you can improve.
  • Get your team involved to come up with content ideas
  • Create an editorial calendar that works with your marketing goals and plan

2. Buy App Reviews

When you buy ios reviews you are not only able to increase the number and quality of reviews, it will also help in boosting the number of app installs. Thus, two key factors in ASO get addressed at the same time, giving a big boost to your app store ranking.

Buying app store reviews is an effective strategy to boost your app’s rankings in a short time. There is no other way, except that your app goes viral, that can help achieve similar results. When the number of app installs increase significantly in a short time, it helps increase the download rate and boosts your iOS app’s ranking. It can take time to get app reviews in large numbers, so choosing a paid strategy is a good way to address this key factor in ASO.

3. Add Quality Screenshots

Screenshots play an important role in drawing the attention of your potential users. In fact, screenshots draw the most attention when someone visits your app’s page. Make sure the screenshots are in high resolution, clear and professional. They should also be relevant to the audience the app is focused on. Screenshots give potential users the opportunity to get a look into what your app can do. They should represent the most useful and attractive features or functions.

ASO is without doubt the first step to getting your app ranked and get app installs. Conducting A/B testing on the different elements of ASO can help in making the right choice of icon, title, screenshots, description and demo video. Promoting your app requires continuous effort, and it is recommended to choose paid strategies from time to time.

4 Tips to Promote iOS Apps & Boost App Ranking

Your app can be successful only when it generates the desired volume of downloads and retains them. It is the app’s ranking within app store search results that contributes to the number of downloads. And it is the app quality that helps retain those users. Any app promotion strategy that you should use should be focused on boosting your app’s ranking. Even when you make off-page efforts to increase app downloads, the eventual impact is in the form of boost app ranking.

1. Build an App Website

It is best to create a dedicated website for your app. It can not only help build credibility, using SEO can further help boost its rankings and drive more traffic. Getting more traffic means more downloads and more installs translate into improved app store rankings. The volume of traffic and number of installs are all factors that help boost app ranking.


2. Optimize Your App

Once you have developed an app and added it to the App Store, you should promote ios apps through app store optimization services. ASO is the equivalent of SEO to the app store. There are many parts to it that contribute to the overall optimization of your app. This includes the following:

  • App title: It should be unique, tell something about your app’s functionality and what it offers.
  • Keyword Optimization: Research keywords and optimize the app’s name and description using the most relevant ones.
  • Description: Create high quality, unique and compelling description.
  • Average Ratings: The average ratings of your app have an influence on app store rankings.
  • Screenshots & Video: Make sure to include high quality screenshots of key features of your app. Adding a demo video of how to use your app can also contribute to ASO.

3. Get As Many Reviews as Possible

If you want to give a huge boost to your iOS app’s promotion, make sure to increase the number of reviews it has. Reviews are beneficial both for your app’s ranking and for encouraging people to download your app.

Both the number of reviews and average ratings influence people to download an app. There are very few and quite difficult ways to increase the volume of reviews. A highly effective one is to buy app store reviews. There are a few online services that can offer you paid but genuine reviews left by real users. Such services have a large user base that leaves reviews after installing and using your app. This paid strategy is ethical as long as you are getting real reviews without emphasizing on positive reviews.

4. Promote Your App Through Blog

Make sure to include blogging into your overall strategy list to promote ios apps. It can help generate a steady stream of traffic that comprises of people who are specifically interested in what you have to offer. You would be amazed by how much traction and downloads this proven method can help generate.

So follow these 4 strategies to promote your promote ios apps and boost your app’s rankings and downloads. Keep reviewing your promotional strategies and make adjustments to ensure that optimal results are maintained.

Why you should get help from app review services?


Getting positive app reviews can be a big challenge for app marketers. App review services can help you get large number of reviews to boost your app’s rankings and drive more downloads. Such services provide you genuine reviews that help encourage more users to download your app. There are many ways app review services can help you improve you app’s visibility.

Get Positive Reviews

High quality app review services can help you get hundreds of positive reviews from users. This can help you get high quality reviews with high ratings. Having a large number of highly rated reviews can help ensure that your app gets ranked higher. Reviews are important factors in the app store algorithm. The more you have with ratings of 4 or higher, the better your app is going to rank.

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You Can Get Genuine Reviews

Another advantage of choosing review services to promote your apps is that you get genuine reviews from real users. When you choose quality services, you will not have to worry about anything. Your app is reviewed by real people who will leave unique and quality feedbacks based on their experience with the app.

Boost App’s Visibility

When you buy app reviews, you are not just getting more installs and reviews, it will also help boost your app’s visibility. Your app gets more exposure in front of hundreds of new users. Besides, the improved rankings will also help your app to stand out and get more views and downloads.

Importance of App Reviews

The app store never reveals how important reviews are to their algorithm. However, studies show that the number and quality of reviews have a direct impact on the number of downloads. Don’t be surprised when your app starts ranking higher than the most popular apps in your category. This is on strategy that cannot be ignored.

Reviews play a big to promote apps. They help raise awareness about your app among potential users. You will also get valuable quotes which could be used as part of your marketing strategy. So when you get a 5 star review, you can highlight it in your promotions. The feedbacks you get can prove to be valuable words that convince people to install your app.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Buying reviews is not a strategy that most of your competitors will be following. So when you choose this method to promote apps, you get a chance to get ahead of your competition. The app store has millions of apps and if you don’t follow effective strategies, your apps is going to get stuck somewhere at the bottom of the search results.

Thus, there are many ways that availing app review services can help in the promotion of your app. It can help boost your app’s rankings in the app store search results. It can increase app downloads and also boost its visibility. You will be able to stand out compared to the competition and promote your app more effectively.