Importance of App store reviews & 3 ways to increase them

When it comes to buying decisions, most people will consider other people’s opinions. The same applies to apps. When someone comes across your app, they will check your app store reviews to find out what others have to say about your app. Reviews are important both for influencing new users and app ranking. This guide provides you valuable information about the importance of app reviews and how to get app store reviews to boost your app ranking.

Importance of App Reviews

Reviews, whether for your app or for some product, have become an unbiased source of information that people read to determine whether to buy from a brand or not. The number of reviews you have and the average rating has an impact on both your potential users’ buying decision and the app store’s ranking algorithm.


Here are the different ways in which reviews play a key role:

  • Your app store reviewsprovide credibility to your app. If your app has a larger number of bad reviews, people are least likely to download it. People trust other people’s experience more than what you can promise in your app’s description.
  • A larger number of positive reviews can boost your app’s ranking in app search results.
  • A larger number of negative reviews can drop your app’s ranking and also affect its reputation.
  • Reviews also tell you about the key issues and key USPs of your app.

Both the Play Store and App Store have millions of apps. If you can increase the number of positive app store reviews, your app can stand out in the crowd.

How To Increase Your App Store Reviews?

Here are 3 methods to increase your app store reviews.

1. Run a Contest

This is an effective, simple and safe way to increase your app store reviews. The key is to determine a prize that can motivate maximum number of people to install and leave a review for your app. Make sure the winners are chosen in a transparent draw. Such contests could be run on a regular basis and can help continue increasing the number of reviews you have.

When you follow this strategy, it is recommended not to ask users to leave a stellar review. Let them be natural so that the entire process may seem organic. Usually, most participants in a contest are highly likely to leave better than average app store reviews.

2. Buy App Reviews

This is one method that gives you a lot of control over the number and quality of your app reviews. This is a paid strategy where you can choose the number of reviews you want to be added. Genuine users will download your app and leave quality reviews. It is a safe and effective way to increase your app store reviews without any risks of detection by the app store.

3. Incentivize Your Users

If you can give your users a good reason to leave a review, they are most likely to budge. You can incentivize people to install and leave app store reviews. This can give a good boost to the number of reviews you have. It is important to make such offers outside the app store because both the Play Store and App Store discourage such methods.

So follow these strategies to get app reviews and give a boost to your app’s rankings. The higher number of positive reviews can also influence more people to download your app, thus helping further increase your reviews.


Best Tips to Improve App Rankings in App Stores

Most people believe that there is nothing to do for them after uploading their app in app stores. While, the most important point that they have neglected is boosting app ranking with effective methods. Only your app become famous among average people, the installs of your app will be increased accordingly. App store optimization(ASO) severs as an essential part in mobile app promotion, I will be focus on the major key factors on how to improving your app ranking effectively.



  1. Beautify the icon of app

A beautiful icon will leave deep impression to the people who wan to install your app, which is also helpful for attracting people to install and try your app. Besides the icon, comfortable app screenshots and valued app description also have an important effect on the app ranking in the app stores.

    2. Create a quality title

The data shows that the title contains keywords can improve app ranking in the app stores, so be sure to put the main keywords in the title, which also can improve the search ranking of your keywords and make your app looks more professional.

    3. Get high ratings and positive reviews

Good feedback is a very important factor in app promoting, users will leave good reviews and high ratings for your app for its good functions or pretty interface, so make sure create and code your app as well as you can.

94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps and positive reviews. In order to increase your app download rate, you need to take the following measures:

  • Incentivize those users who have installed your app to leave good feedback.
  • Take seriously of those ratings below 3 stars and negative reviews. If it’s a vicious attack from competitors or other people, please report it to Google or Apple Support.
  • Buy app reviews from a reliable app reviews-provide company, they can provide more professional service for you and help your app ranking to top in a certain short time.

   4. Do keywords research

keywords serve as the decisive part of app store optimization. With the limit of characters, finding the appropriate keywords of your app is very essential. In this part, you can analyze the keywords of your competitors, creating the relevant, competitive and localized keywords to improve the search ranking of keywords. Indeed, buying keywords search installs is also an useful way to help you get a higher app rank if you have enough budget.

With 75% audiences prefer to install apps in app stores rather than other channels, thus app developers should spare no effort to boost app store ranking when they have launched their app in app stores. But, in addition to the methods of app store optimization, you should learn about some useful app marketing measures to popularize your app so that you can get a bigger success in return.

5 Ways to Get More Reviews For Your Mobile App

After building your app and making it work perfect, there is also the task of creating awareness to get app reviews. These app reviews are aids to grow your app popularity and rank higher.

  1. Application Store Optimization.

You need to do app store optimization. Streamlining the keyword labels in the App or Google Play store can truly profit how your application is found. The keyword field permits you to relate your application with specific terms. The key here is not to rehash or utilize excessively numerous varieties of a similar word which could be depicted as spam. A decent tip is to direct SEO sort test to make sense of the best keyword labels to utilize. You ought to make inquiries like “Which words portray my application?” and “Which words are my rivals utilizing?”  Being one of a kind could help you drive activity your rivals aren’t getting.

get-more-positive-reviews (1)
  1. Social Networking Integration.

Web-based social networking coordination in an application has been rising in ubiquity among numerous application engineers. Giving clients the capacity to welcome others, share gameplay, and see pioneer sheets is a well known and helpful perspective for expanding virality. It is free marketing for your application. At the point when a client shares their current high score or wellness objective on their online networking pages, they are then getting the message out of the application to their companions. This grows your perspectives and brings more traffic to your app which generates more reviews. All of which occurs without you lifting a finger.

  1. Press Kit.

Having a press kit promptly accessible is a proactive move to help assist your marketing endeavors more distant down the line. When you have a built up microsite for you application you may get a few surveys, yet to truly advertise your recently created application, you should have the capacity to give quality material that other individuals can use.

Materials that ought to be incorporated into your press kit incorporate top notch symbol of your application alongside screenshots of the application being used. These will help speed up those bloggers or columnist that desire to expound on your application to have official excellent visuals that can be utilized as a part of their articles or blogs.

  1. Gathering and Discussion Board Outreach.

Recognizing where your desired clients and key statistic assembles online is a vital marketing viewpoint to distinguish. There are numerous innovations and versatile applications blogs loaded with people that read and stay aware of news on portable applications. This is particularly useful if your application is intended for a particular gathering. For instance, in the event that your application is intended to help joggers track their day by day runs, then posting significant themes about your application on wellness examination sheets or blogs can be valuable.

  1. Application Profiles.

With regards to marketing another application bringing issues to light is a critical angle to increase downloads. The formation of application profiles on destinations is very essential. With these profiles, you can include a depiction of your application alongside a connection to the App or Google Play store that permits the client to download it. This is a straightforward and simple approach to get more reviews for your app.

Duly following the steps as laid out above, you can be rest assured that with consistency, reviews will double up at a geometric rate for your app and you will get app reviews from your app users and prospective users all over the world.